French Architecture Meets Danish Design With Reform And Jean Nouvel’s Reflect Series –

Danish kitchen design firm Reform, known for their internationally acclaimed collaborations with renowned architects and designers, has introduced a luminous new kitchen design in collaboration with the iconic Jean Nouvel. Titled ‘Reflect’, the project is a sleek, beautiful, and practical new kitchen, with steel surfaces that catch and reflect natural light.

One of the most respected figures in contemporary architecture, Jean Nouvel is known for his precise architectural compositions that often play with light, shadow, and reflection. With this latest project, Nouvel continues this theme, with a monochromatic, minimalist kitchen design that reflects natural light in the home. The all-metal kitchen is available in black or untreated metal, and features a front made of steel that is lined with vertical ridges reflecting sunlight in all different directions. The countertops are available in stainless steel and gray, and black Fenix laminate.



The design’s understated extravagance fits within Reform’s pared-back aesthetic; it is sculpturally minimal yet playful, and both sophisticated and functional. “This expression is underscored by the design’s signature vertical grooves, reflecting Jean Nouvel’s celebrated talent for conceptualizing light,” explains a statement from Reform founder and CEO Jeppe Christensen. “The form and materiality he creates plays with light and creates different colors and reflections, and I think his kitchen design encapsulates this in a sublime way.”











Source: Ignant

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