inuk by inuk Design / inuk Media ApS


Gold Winner

Universal Design

Designer / Architect: Liv Aurora Jensen
Studio: inuk Design / inuk Media ApS
Design Team: Liv Aurora Jensen and Peter Jensen
Country: Greenland
Copyright: Liv Aurora Jensen


Authenticity and aesthetics are the basic elements of inuk Design’s products, where the inspiration is drawn from the nature and culture of the Arctic. Culture must be reinterpreted and renewed, that is how it develops over time. The design is used in everyday products such as fabric, kitchen items, duvet covers, cushion covers and porcelain and more.

inuk Design / inuk Media ApS

Peter Jensen director of inuk Media, and I have worked closely since we became a couple back in 2001. We created inuk Design in 2002 and first it was a department for TV-graphic and advertesing. In 2009, when the financial crisis hit Greenland, I had to find something to do, as all advertising came to a standstill. I drew the first pattern, which today has become a classic and is still popular in its 10th year. Since then, it has become several designs and products that all have the same DNA and story.

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