Gold Winner 2022 – DTP - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022


Transportation Vehicles Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Adam Kay


Untitled Motorcycles

Design Team:

Design / fabrication @adamkaylondon – Adam Kay CAD / design @jacklendawg – Jack Lennie Frame @survivorcustoms – Mike Hill Electrics @ptsupertramp – Paul Taplin Leather @mogercycles – Glenn Moger Tyres @dunlopmotouk


Michael Jersovs


United Kingdom
To design and build an urban electric motorcycle that changes the way riders view conventional motorcycles. Can the basic rules for designing a motorcycle be ripped up? Do you need to hold the bike with your legs? Where and how should the rider sit? Tank or no tank? Foot peg positions? Road presence? Speed vs noise? These are the questions Adam Kay, the founder of Untitled Motorcycles, asked himself when thinking about how an urban electric motorcycle should look and ride.

Untitled Motorcycles

To work with CAD / Fabrication experts to establish the correct ergonomic for urban riding. To enable the electric motorcycle to reach a top speed suitable for riding in the city without losing site that the motorcycle needs to be easy to charge { the battery is removable } Have a minimum range of 50 miles and be so different from existing motorcycles

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