Gold Winner 2022 – Golem Lamp / Andaz Prague - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Golem Lamp / Andaz Prague

Lighting Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Designer: Brime Robbins


Brime Robbins

Design Team:

Maria Brime & Garrett Robbins Lighting: Preciosa


Photography: Hospitality Builders & Vigonarte Studio


Czech Republic
The brief was to produce a luxury lifestyle 5* design that could adhere to Hyatt’s brand guidelines for the Andaz brand but still create guest rooms and spaces with a striking sense of place. Within the pitching process, it was clear that both Ownership and Hyatt wanted an elegant and sophisticated hotel with imaginative and surprising elements. All spaces needed to be carefully curated to channel the Andaz ethos that whatever the guest encounters are to be beautifully crafted, bespoke and elegant. The design embarks on a journey through Czech myths and legends. All Czech people have a deep and childlike connection to these stories, and by focusing on them as the core of the concept, the hotel becomes an iconic, personal part of the city. All spaces were carefully curated to channel the Andaz ethos for beautifully crafted, local and bespoke elements. The design offers grand opportunities in public and circulation areas to have not just one experience but many, and presents areas where the guest can stop and feel a sense of wonder. Personalities from Czech stories emerge from the walls of every guestroom corridor in sculptural white forms, as if the renovation of this esteemed building awoke the legends sleeping within. Exciting the guest, creating visual and emotional interest and providing meaning to the design that is remembered well after the guest checks out. Simultaneously, these design elements become a form of integrated art, and harmonize with the interiors and the overall architecture seamlessly. And this is where the GOLEM collection comes in. Cast bronze Golem lamps illuminating the guest journey from arrival to dreamland and bringing to life the mischievous, larger-than-life character from the infamous Czech myths and legends. This integrated art approach soon became so popular that we harnessed that to create a narrative throughout the hotel where these key characters play a key part in the story and guest experience – from chubby little Golem the lamp illuminating the journey to your dreams from the bedside table, to the naughty little creature found hanging from the mirror as you brush your teeth. The Golem Collection, designed by BR and bespoke for the Andaz Prague hotel, the first of its kind for Czech Republic; features the ceramic-moulded, golden Golem lamp whose design works to transform the mythical character as we knew him to a more bashful, endearing and protective figure.

Brime Robbins

The GOLEM Collection was a bespoke collection created for Andaz Prague in Czech Republic. Inspired by Czech myths and legends, features a light-hearted, cheeky representation of the infamous, sometimes scary character from Czech folklore. From chubby little Golem the lamp, illuminating the journey to your dreams from the bedside table, to the naughty little creature found hanging from the mirror as you brush your teeth. As legend has it, for some he was a monster, but for others a hero. As Golem takes you on a voyage of culture throughout Andaz Prague, he’s certainly not a monster anymore.

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