Silver Winner 2023 – Nursing home Aareresidenz - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023

Nursing home Aareresidenz

Healthcare Buildings

Architect / Designer:

blgp architekten ag


blgp architekten ag


Claudia Luperto


Extension and refurbishment of retirement and nursing home, Büren an der Aare 2016 Competition with prequalification, 1st prize, completion 2023 The L-shaped overall form of the retirement home in Büren an der Aaare forms a beautiful access courtyard that opens to the slope to the south and to the historic farm building to the west. The park-like surroundings up the slope, as well as the garden with the pond to the east and the various walking paths offered to the residents, create a scenic atmosphere that will be largely preserved with the extension of the home. The project proposal complements the existing building volume on the north side with a new spatial layer, and on the south side with an extension to form a large Z-shaped form. Old and new merge volumetrically and architecturally to form an overall complex, whose building length is structured by projections and recesses. The main entrance remains in the same place, but the entrance is turned and equipped with a new vestibule. The entrance hall will be upgraded with the new reception, public uses and built-in furniture. The new large-scale form will be architecturally tied together by a strong roof finish. The facade design of the extensions is based on the existing building with its plastered perforated facade and metalwork.

blgp architekten ag

blgp architects were founded in 2007 by Pinar Gönül and Lukas Bucher in Lucerne. Their buildings can be found in urban neighborhoods and villages, in places that have already experienced a structural imprint. They are a reflection of an intensive examination of the existing. blgp architekten create spaces for living, formulate an architecture that is reserved and at the same time very explicit. Their buildings set – like keystones – decisive spatial and urban impulses. Appropriateness of means, economy without being stingy – this restraint gives the buildings an amazing naturalness and closeness. The presence of the facades and spaces is due to careful materialization. Wood, plaster, stone or metal: the liveliness of the materials makes the houses tangible. The buildings are well thought-out volumes, urbanistically, spatially and in their materialization. They never stand on their own, but seek dialogue.

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