CR.IS Apartment

by A2Office


Silver Winner

Residential Interior Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Studio: A2Office
Design Team: Main Architect: Alberto Dias Ribeiro Team: Alberto Dias Ribeiro, Alexandra Marques, D├ębora Nojiri. Contractor: In-Proov
Country: Portugal
Copyright: Alexandra Marques


The first time our team entered the apartment our primary thought was it was going to be impossible to remodel that place because it was full of objects of the owners, mother and daughter who have lost the husband / father a few months before. But we understood that they really need our help to make an important page turn in their lives. They were living there for the past 25 years, and the house was full of memories and objects of those memories. The house needed to breathe again, gain space and light. And that was what we did. We agreed that we needed to open the social space of the apartment and make it continuous and fluid, so we demolished the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. We took some other small walls too and started modeling the space with cabinets, because they had a lot of objects they wanted to keep, although closed. Then the Clients said they want a lot of open colours like blue and pink, which were the favourite colours of each one. The materials choice was very important. We have decided to have the most natural materials possible, so we covered the floor with Portuguese white cork. We also pontuated the intervention with portuguese pine boards and Estremoz pink marble, which had featured very well in the kitchen floor and cabinets, as well as in the bathroom. Another challenge was to take advantage of existing shelves in the dining room, so we combined some open and closed boxes, with the two elected colours, and inserted some other wood boxes. In the bedrooms, we have decided to put only the preferred colour of each Client in the cabinets, using these elements not only for storage but also to place indirect lightning features.


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