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by spAce


Gold Winner

Corporate Interior Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Juan Carlos Baumgartner / Humberto Soto
Studio: spAce
Design Team: ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: space Juan Carlos Baumgartner Humberto Soto Fernanda Villalpando Katherine Ramirez COLLABORATORS: Arturo Arenas Ulises Mora LIGHTING: LUA BUILDER: Schedia Arquitectura (interior) FURNITURE: Herman Miller, Haworth, Punto Forza CARPET: Interface
Country: Mexico
Copyright: Courtesy of Schedia Arquitectura


Betterware is an international company with a track record of more than 80 years in the industry of household goods and solutions. For this company based in Guadalajara, a sustainable and avant-garde complex that caters to the needs of the client and the well-being of the staff was established. The Betterware Campus was built in a great industrial development that fulfills an optimal needs program where 9 buildings with distinct personalities connect through green and natural elements on both the inside and outside. The concepts that guided the open and private spaces are spatiality, sense of belonging, productivity, and collaboration. These elements were used to reconnect with nature, creating visual and physical environments that reflect the natural family habitat to increase creativity, innovation, and teamwork. The configurations in this architectural geometry increase positive feelings and exalt company values. The design approach for this project was maximum versatility, accentuated at strategic points with collaborative spaces (for face-to-face or remote connection with others), special places of concentration and socialization areas to share experiences and information. All the spaces within the project emphasize openness and transparency, while considering the emotional values of the company: empathic, visionary and fun. Much of the architectural design of this project embodies qualities of natural essence, intuitively generated by its creators. It is understood that the neurophysiological system of the human being was developed to adapt in ancestral natural environments, meaning, with natural light, fresh air, watersheds, open plains, and trees. This project embodies all these natural attributes and makes the most of natural light in each building. The main function of the lobby on the ground floor is to transmit the philosophy not only to the collaborators, but to all the people who encounter them. Highlights such as the large central courtyard and the amenities that ensure the quality of life and productivity of its collaborators: meditation garden, space for events, basketball and football courts, gym, training room, laundry, hairdresser, clinic, cafeteria, and a nursery. The finishes represent an integral part of the project: wood in walls, floors and ceilings, steel combinations with crystals that emphasize the change of the various scenarios and natural stones that harmonize with the other elements of nature. In general, warm colors predominate throughout the project, but in some key points of the furniture, vivid tones were used according to the color palette of the corporate DNA, as well as graphics and signage that standardize the image and help reinforce the identity of the company. The success of this project was achieved through understanding the needs of the organization to consequently transform the space into a competitive tool. An environment of modernity and evocation of nature was created through multidisciplinary integration. It is important to encourage the importance of entertainment and fun in a workplace as part of the experience. Now more than ever, a visit to Betterware, both by collaborators and visitors, will not be forgotten.


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