Space Quest

by Utsav Khadka


Silver Winner

Product Design Concept

Students Category

Designer / Architect: Utsav Khadka
Design Team: Utsav Khadka
Country: India
Copyright: Utsav Khadka


The board game is designed to inspire kids with special needs to learn and perform everyday tasks. Once they get used to the game, they can apply the same object memory to perform tasks at home /school, allowing them to interact with everyday environment/objects without hesitation and supervision. The most challenging part of this was to interact and understand the kids and being in their shoes. Understanding what they want is tough, and communicating with them in hand gestures, moving around with them, involuntary body movements Etc. In their mind, they want to lead a normal lifestyle. Still, due to caretakers and family members, they cannot do the simplest of tasks by themselves. They are unable to indulge themselves in their everyday environment effectively.

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