Radiology Düsseldorf. Private Practice at the Media Harbour. Düsseldorf

by two_space+product


Silver Winner

Healthcare Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Claudia de Bruyn, Dipl.-Ing. Interior Architect
Studio: two_space+product, Ratingen, Germany
Design Team: Alina Pick, Pia Bredehöft
Country: Germany
Copyright: Peter Kalte Photography, Düsseldorf, Germany


The practice is located in the former silos of a wheat mill built in 1906. The design goal was to trace the geometry of the original architecture with its 2×5 axially, round silos on all levels and thus to connect and present the past with the present in a multi-layered design concept with complex radiological technology. In addition, a color-psychological concept and haptic material experiences trigger a positive mood effect which consequently reflects the topic of “healing architecture”.

two_space+product, Ratingen, Germany

Claudia de Bruyn’s projects are the result of a complex examination of the space and its overall design. She and her team develop sustainable future scenarios for independent living and experience spaces as well as products.

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