Industry 4.0 School

by AWWA Arquitectura


Bronze Winner

Educational Architecture Built

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Designer / Architect: Miriam Martín Santos and Marta Patiño Pérez
Studio: AWWA Arquitectura
Design Team: Miriam Martín Santos and Marta Patiño Pérez
Country: Spain
Copyright: Miriam Martín Santos and Marta Patiño Pérez


Surrounded by nature, The Industry 4.0 School was design and born following the Spanish 60’s Brutalism as the main precedent. The project It’s been awarded by DOCOMOMO as well as protected by the Local Authorities. In consequence, one of the first design principals was always trying to keep the main volume integrated within the adjacent pavilions. The new envelope follows the character and geometry on site adapting itself to the adjacent buildings. It is setback form the others and seems to fly with a generous cantilever over the natural ground responding to the existing limits. From the central patio it is possible to sense an order composed of longitudinal modules with an overlapping vertical rhythm created by the windows and facade elements. In the same way, the new building shows up as another module enhancing the existing order. The character of the building is guided by its honest materiality, playing an important role within the construction integration. The proposal tries not to make an exact copy of the surrounding but, it seeks to learn from it. Following the site character guided by the use of brick and concrete. The prefabricated concrete facade with different textures follows a construction technique according to our times, more efficient and faster. On the other hand, brick walls are used in a more traditional way to create details and singular points which stand out and unify the interior and exterior design of the building. Finally, the vertical slats tie the whole design, providing the building with solar control and creating a transition between the old and the new through a connection gangway which makes the existing building accessible. In relation with the interior space, the flexibility was the client main priority. Being aware that the Industry 4.0 field is experiencing a strong development and the evolution that it is expected to have in our country, the main goal was to provide the building with technological and adaptable spaces. Therefore, all the rooms and classrooms follow a grid and are organized and separated with movable stud partitions that allow them to adapt their perimeter. In the same way, glazed partitions are used to divide spaces according to a new educative concept, which is more open and inclusive, and responding to the new teaching currents that bet on the architecture role during the learning process. Regarding the building’s facilities, they are not hide but in full view and accessible in order to allow easy and quick changes to be able to respond to the present and future educational needs. In addition, climate control and energy efficiency was an essential premise. To conclude, we can highlight that the main challenge was to create a new modern and technological building which should fit in an ancient architectural ensemble as well as to create flexible, digital and efficiency interior spaces designed for the future education without losing the connection with the natural environment.

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