Australia’s Nation Brand Mark by Balarinji - Architecture Collection

Australia’s Nation Brand Mark

by Balarinji


Platinum Winner

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Balarinji design team
Studio: Balarinji
Design Team: Kungarakan man Toby Bishop, Balarinji Graphic Designer
Yanyuwa man John Moriarty, Balarinji Chair and Cultural Director
Adam France, Balarinji Senior Designer
Country: Australia


Austrade engaged Balarinji to design a Nation Brand Mark to raise the profile of Australian goods and services internationally and attract investment and visitors.

The Mark represents contemporary Australian design excellence from an authentic and contemporary response to Country, informed by Aboriginal knowledge, stories and culture.

The Nation Brand Mark features Australia’s most recognisable symbol, the kangaroo. It tells the story of Country, of belonging and of living sustainably. The kangaroo is bounding forward, reflecting Australia’s optimism.


Balarinji is Australia’s foremost Indigenous design and strategy studio. As an Aboriginal-owned studio, Balarinji was founded on authentic engagement with Aboriginal people, culture, art, stories and identity. Its ethos is design excellence and deepening understanding of Aboriginal Australia for major projects nationally by activating the voice of Aboriginal artists and communities through design. Balarinji’s work is an authentic response to Place and Country that is informed by local Aboriginal knowledge holders, storytellers and creatives.

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