Architectural lighting of BP Petrol Stations

by Lightware Lighting


Gold Winner

Facade Lighting Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Diana Del-Negro
Studio: Lightware Lighting
Design Team: Architectural Lighting- Diana Del-Negro from Lightware Architecture- Joana Marcelino
Country: Portugal
Copyright: Gil de Lemos


The lighting of two BP petrol stations was a very interesting and challenging project where lighting accomplishes several objectives rethinking the way we use and look at petrol stations. The stations were built on both sides of the N1 road, connecting the cities of Lisbon and Porto, in the Leiria region. The lighting project brief was to turn the convenience stores into boxes of light at night in order to attract customers. This could quickly result in light pollution and glare for drivers if the ideas of the contractor had been implemented. Instead, the client decided to hire an architectural lighting professional, and this project was born. These are seemingly regular petrol stations under daylight, that transform into something unique at night.

Lightware Lighting

We saw the potential for creating something special, a piece of design in an unusual place. Objects sufficiently bright and intriguing to draw travellers from the distance, yet with a quality of light that could subtly trick them into staying longer for coffee or a meal. The whole lighting scheme is dynamic, therefore, late at night, all the lights start dimming down slowly until dawn. Today, these are not only fuel stations, they became night-time meeting points, landmarks in the landscape, an oasis of lighting tranquillity for travellers.

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