RBD Identity

by SML Design


Gold Winner

Websites and microsites

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Designer / Architect: Vanessa Ryan
Studio: SML Design
Design Team: Gerson Mena Murcia / Digital Design
Country: Australia


RBD (formerly Richard Blackman Design) was going through a complete revolution in its business and product offering. Moving away from a successful graphic design studio of 30 years to transition into an interior design and build partnership that operates on a much larger scale. We needed to take the brand into the future but also capitalise on its past. The client wanted to feature and incorporate their projects as a key visual element of the brand transition to communicate the change in direction for the company.

SML Design

Our creative strategy and recommendation to the client was to keep the very established RBD acronym but to give it a new context by changing the meaning and narrative to ‘Renovate Build Design’. This gave a simple descriptive name and strong brand story for the transformed company. The evolution of the identity idea was built around the concept of ‘spaces’ to give us the breadth to work at the scale we required to showcase RBD projects across all Digital & Print media. The visual system heroes RBD’s portfolio and opens the opportunity for a refreshed brand with every new project.

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