Renovation of the industrial territory of the candy factory “Georg Landrin” for residential and non-residential functions

by A. R. Shenderovich Architectural Workshop


Bronze Winner

Mixed Use Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Alexander Shenderovich
Studio: A. R. Shenderovich Architectural Workshop
Design Team: Marina Nazarova, Alexey Sanzharov, Artem Soloviev, Alexey Ananchenko, Sergey Til, Pavel Sadikov
Country: Russian Federation


Residential complex “Georg Landrin” is situated on the cross of two main streets: Bolshoy Sampsonievskiy Ave and 1st Murinskiy Ave and belongs to the territory bordered with city center. This project is the template of redevelopment idea and adaptive reuse of industrial territories. St. Petersburg has a vast industrial territories, so called “grey belt“, because it embraces the city center. The territory is a former candy factory “Georg Langrin” that was built by arch. L. Serk in 1911. After revolution of 1917 was renamed to “Azart”. The building with the brick chimney was assigned with a status of historical monument. Project provides residential use (including historical building), underground and above-ground parking, business center, retail and social facilities on the 1st floor of the building. New facades support the rhythm of historical facades so the new ones favorably emphasizes features of the existing building. There is the gap between parts of the new building on the corner of aves so the industrial historical chimney could’ve been seen from the main corner. Development of the territory provides three courtyards for residents with lawns, playgrounds and rest areas. There are railway tracks on the east side of the territory. To minimize the influence of it one of the parkings, engineer buildings and business center forms the line that plays the role of an acoustic-wall. Transport activity is taken away from the main residential area – transport activity (for residents and for special services) concentrates only at the eastern part with parkings and engineer buildings. There is no transport within cortyards. Residential building provides a lot of types of inner layouts. It gives alternatives for all residents – to make their choice during the apartment purchase. Residential use – 74 000 m2, of which 4 000 m2 is reconstruction of the historical industrial building. Business center – 10 000 m2. Location of the project: 77/7, Bolshoy Sampsonievskiy Ave., St. Petersburg, Russia.

A. R. Shenderovich Architectural Workshop

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