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by Vaask


Platinum Winner

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Designer / Architect: Jon Olsen
Studio: Vaask
Design Team: Vaask Founder & CEO Jon Olsen
Country: United States
Copyright: Photos courtesy Vaask


The pandemic exposed the design failure of traditional hand sanitizer options — always-empty automatic dispensers, inaccurate sensors that create constant messes and drips, and foul-smelling gels that dry out hands. With so many issues, it’s no surprise that many people avoid hand sanitizer, even though our hands transmit 80% of illnesses. Providing reliable, high-capacity dispensers is crucial to improving hand hygiene and reducing the spread of germs, as hand sanitizer is an easy, effective and inexpensive solution. Workplaces with good hand hygiene practices experience fewer illness-related absences. Vaask is designed as a touchless fixture and was developed with healthcare industry professionals. Built to last, Vaask is reliable, inexpensive to operate and simple to maintain. No more making the rounds to check each unit individually or being locked into expensive supply contracts. Vaask features: – Dashboard available online or via app notifies maintenance staff when it’s time to refill – AC power or POE (no batteries required) – Cast aluminum; 5-year warranty – PalmPilot® hand sensor means no waste – Large capacity; refillable with any sanitizer gel, saving up to 65% on monthly sanitizer costs – Eye-catching LEDs attract users – Customizable colors, metals & graphics – Manufactured in America – Recessed, wall-mounted and standing options When a hand-sanitizing dispenser makes people want to use it not just to keep themselves and others healthy, but for the experience alone, then they’re going to use it more regularly — whether anyone’s watching them or not. And that helps make every one of us healthier.


Inspired by the Norwegian word for “wash,” Vaask embodies today’s desire for a higher class of clean coupled with an emphasis on sophisticated design. The company is the work of the team behind Big Ass Fans’ Haiku®, the ceiling fan beloved by interior designers and architects that has won more than 75 design and technology awards. Led by Jon Olsen, Vaask redefines manufactured products for today’s modern interiors. With a goal of designing and engineering enduring, endearing products, Vaask invests in real materials, develops customizable designs and guarantees their American-made craftsmanship.

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