The Bantu Treasures by Kabarovsky Jewellery House - Architecture Collection

The Bantu Treasures

by Kabarovsky Jewellery House


Gold Winner

Lifestyle Fashion Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Ekaterina Grigorieva
Studio: Kabarovsky Jewellery House
Country: Russian Federation
Copyright: Kabarovsky Jewellery House


The Bantu Treasures is a bright collection of accent jewelry, which are filled by African ethnicity. Silver sets with amazonites, agates, kunzites and sunstones are framed in variegated jewelry enamel ornaments that repeat the juicy colors of the fabrics of these ethnic groups. The crown of the collection is a massive pendant brooch, made in the shape of a colorful African woman, encrusted with CZ and jewelry enamel. This brooch will not only complete the image of its owner, but will become a key part of a fashionable outfit!

Kabarovsky Jewellery House

Kabarovsky is one of the most creative and technological brands in the jewelry industry of modern Russia. The philosophy of Kabarovsky is based on combining the traditions of jewelry art with current fashion trends. In the production of jewelry, Kabarovsky goes beyond stereotypical thinking, revives the traditions of work in the techniques of enameling, painted enamel and filigree, and also adapts modern innovative techniques, such as nanoceramic coating of precious metals, inserts made of natural wood, leather and porcelain, and much more.

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