Legacy of the Old Town

by Kabarovsky Jewellery House


Silver Winner

Luxury Goods Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Andrey Orlov
Studio: Kabarovsky Jewellery House
Country: Russian Federation
Copyright: Kabarovsky Jewellery House


An Old City steeped in art, cultural imagery and luxurious design. The city is a legacy. The city is an inspiration. Out of great love, the designers and craftsmen of Kabarovsky present you with a new precious collection called “Legacy of the Old Town”, in which they captured various elements and images of sights. A real jewelry legacy!

Kabarovsky Jewellery House

Kabarovsky is one of the most creative and technological brands in the jewelry industry of modern Russia. The philosophy of Kabarovsky is based on combining the traditions of jewelry art with current fashion trends. In the production of jewelry, Kabarovsky goes beyond stereotypical thinking, revives the traditions of work in the techniques of enameling, painted enamel and filigree, and also adapts modern innovative techniques, such as nanoceramic coating of precious metals, inserts made of natural wood, leather and porcelain, and much more.

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