Pabellón del Encuentro

by C Cúbica Arquitectos, Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego, Arte y Cultura Grupo Salinas, Dopamine


Gold Winner

Pop-ups and Temporary Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: C Cúbica Arquitectos
Studio: C Cúbica Arquitectos, Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego, Arte y Cultura Grupo Salinas, Dopamine
Design Team: Marco Coello Emilio Cabrero Andrea Cesarman Álvaro Hegewisch Sergio Vela Alfonso Urquiza
Country: Mexico
Copyright: Jaime Navarro


The Pavillion design is based on duality in a way that, through architecture and design, can be shown and magnified as a link between Mexico´s past and present. The design is an allusion and a homage to the monumentality and geometry of pre-Columbian architecture, which contrasts and complements with orthogonal and rational colonial architecture. The space takes these elements and redefines them as one, as a true encounter. The project layout comes from a straight and diagonal compositional grid that responds to the geometry and the architectural program, a plot out of existing and missing traces belonging to the voices, authors, and builders of the city; therefore, we have an abstraction from the historical urban landscape; an outbreak of the invisible, using García Ponce´s words to define Gunther Gerzso´s paintings. An obsidian crystal courtyard, our own reflection, welcomes us and joins two angular volumes with a porch. The two spaces, in constant tension with each other, form a single container, a sort of monolith, including the fifth facade reflecting our surroundings. Inside, infinite possibilities for encounters, stories, and analog and digital experiences interweave in interactive and synchronized groups for users’ safety. The steel structure, which is light and removable, is covered with panels made from recycled materials. The color palette evokes the prehispanic hues: recinto and tezontle, copal and corn scent, as well let the visitor find their own history, recapturing Henry Lefebvre’s “The Production of space”, this must be understood as a place where social relationships are created. 

C Cúbica Arquitectos, Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego, Arte y Cultura Grupo Salinas, Dopamine

Andrea Cesarman, Emilio Cabrero, and Marco Coello started out thirty years ago as three school friends who shared a taste for architecture, design, art, the city, and the world, but above all a deep love for Mexico. A long trajectory of work and experience designing and building spaces of various scales ranging from residential, vertical housing, interior architecture, design, restoration, and public and cultural spaces make C Cúbica one of the most multidisciplinary and versatile firms in Mexico.

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