The Fullerton Ocean Park Hong Kong

by EM Bespoke


Gold Winner

Hotel Interior Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Emma Maclean, Lydia Cheng & Emma Brade
Studio: EM Bespoke
Design Team: Emma Maclean (Lead designer) Lydia Cheng (Designer) Emma Brade (Designer)
Country: Hong Kong
Copyright: Lydia Cheng


Located at the group lobby reception of the recently opened Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel, set on the shores of the South China Sea in Hong Kong, this light installation was designed as an ode to the guiding lights found on sampans and fishing boats from days gone by, welcoming guests into the safe haven of the resort – the first of its kind in the city. The concept of this project, “A Love Letter to Hong Kong”, stemmed from the resort’s tranquil location and the rich colonial history of the city, and they played an important role in the inspiration for our designs. Throughout the project, we sought to bridge the past and present together, weaving elements of linear architecture with soft curvatures inspired by the movement of the nearby sea. Each light sphere was carefully selected in size, colour, and finish to create the final composition and to ensure the final installation was practical and true to the concept. As the installation lights up and comes to life, the subtle metallic finishes reference the glistening reflection of the sun setting on the sea which is a thoroughly magical and one-of-a-kind experience. Along with the group lobby check-in, EM Bespoke curated furniture settings for the outdoor terrace and fountain areas. The scope of work continued from the public areas to the guest-room towers and typical corridors, where furniture, lighting elements, art, and accessories were customized and hand-selected with the concept in mind to provide consistency in the mood for the hotel guests, again providing a bespoke, one of a kind-journey.

EM Bespoke

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