House of Statues

by Daud Architecture and Design


Bronze Winner

Private Residence Medium Architecture Concept

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Anelia Daud
Studio: Daud Architecture and Design
Country: Austria


Sometimes simple things can be just as impressive as those that are characterized by lots of complex shapes and details. House statue is an extraordinary and efficiently designed house with non-standard shapes . It is a spacious house but it looks massive due to the clever combination of modern and minimalistic styles. The house includes two bedrooms with separate bathroom and toilet.Spacious living room together with dining area and kitchen.Directly above the pool is a room that includes a sauna and a gym. The second part to the house includes a separate guest room again overlooking the pool.Two large beds are provided in case a family with children comes to visit.Wardrobe, bathroom and toilet.The premises can also be occupied by the residents of the house in the absence of guests. I hope to inspire many people and make it a dream home for everyone.

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