Rolf – bean glasses

by Rolf.produktions GmbH


Silver Winner

Product Design Built

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Designer / Architect: Rolf. (Johannes Wacker, Roland Wolf, Bernhard Wolf, Christian Wolf)
Studio: Rolf.produktions GmbH
Design Team: Designer, Johannes Wacker summarizes: “We wanted to make the sustainability idea, which plays a central role in everything we do, tangible and visible in our designs. With the new technological possibilities, we can say goodbye to classic smooth eyeglass frames, and set accents with discreet structures that turn the everyday object of eyeglasses into something special.” CEO, Bernhard Wolf Owner, Founder Roland Wolf Marketing, Christian Wolf
Country: Austria
Copyright: Rolf.produktions Gmbh, Eder Robert


The Rolf – bean glasses out of the Substance collection is made from The Euphorbiaceae bean plant in powdered form, characterized with impressive sustainability credentials. The frames feature the award-winning Rolf Flexlock hinge, which is printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology. The result: Frames with high performance Screwless plant-based design Flexible, lightweight, durable Gentle on the skin Special feauture _Bean glasses with a superb texture inspired by bees Convince yourself and your customers what a great visual and haptic experience our brand new surface structure “HONEY” offers. All in the spirit of Mother Nature. Dedicated to one of the most important farm animals of all – Bees – because bees pollinate approximately 80% of our crops. The Honey frame is for those who appreciate understatement, but can also do without it. Restrained and yet present – like love at second sight. Complementing this, we dive into a colorful world. A discreet insert makes possible countless color combinations – bland is so yesterday.

Rolf.produktions GmbH

Nature. Innovation. Spirit – that’s what the Rolf brand stands for. Behind it is the love of eyewear. And the love of nature. This is where the raw materials come from, which are shaped by creative hands into timeless eyewear designs and which, at the end of a long life, find their way back into nature. Rolf planet. Rolf stands for excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and design that goes beyond eco-hype: premium eyewear made in Austria. An essential part of our philosophy is to leave the planet a better place than we found it.

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