by Dersyn Studio


Gold Winner

Hospitality Small Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram
Studio: Dersyn Studio Co.,Ltd.
Design Team: Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram, Suchin Thongmorn, Jagkree Phetphosree, Nattaporn Sirisom, Pitchaya A-morn-prapawat
Country: Thailand
Copyright: Weerapon Singnoi


PLA2 are designed by the context and environment of the dam with the various species of dam fishes, we chose giant snake-head fish for our main design concept. Characteristics of male and female fish when swimming together and by the nature of the fish – males are smaller in size, fresher in color – females are larger transformed to form and space to be suit with activities. For interior design we use the combination elements of submarine and fish. On the surface of the material we should from context and usage conditions. We use wood as the main material and steel with lightweight. On the other side is a shingle roof, a shape that looks like lightweight, as you can see that metal is inserted to show the machine (Submachine) out of the gill-like area. By selected color we want to feel like a freshwater fish. Therefore, it is blue as in the picture, using steel plate, give a feeling of having the element of organic in the fish in the gill area. There will be a channel that we open to the effect of light in the evening at night. And the front area uses rust-etched steel to show the truth of the material.

Dersyn Studio Co.,Ltd.

Our firm established in 2004, by Mr. Sarawoot Jansaeng-Aram as our previous name “Desyn Ltd.” The name inspired by 2 words “Design + Synchronization” which refer to an above expectation design outcomes of our office. In response to an expansion of our firm, the name has changed to Dersyn Studio Co., Ltd. in 2011. Dersyn Studio’s service include master planning, architectural design, interior design based upon local and international experience of our qualified staff and principal architect.

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