by Charlotte Lancelot


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Designer / Architect: Charlotte Lancelot
Country: Spain
Copyright: GAN


The new spaces collection designed by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN has no back or front. The REVERSIBLE rugs and ottomans change appearance and texture with just a simple turn, and they can be both light in the summer as well as cozy in the winter. The age-old art of knitting is modernized in REVERSIBLE thanks to the innovative mind of Charlotte Lancelot and the creative spirit of the GAN team. Lancelot was inspired by the practice, typical of certain countries where temperatures vary greatly, of having summer and winter rugs that get stored away when not in season, much like a wardrobe. The new and complex hand-looming technique, specially developed for this collection and made possible by GAN’s artisans, is groundbreaking in the world of rugs. It combines threads of different thicknesses and materials, which are woven creating the two finishes of REVERSIBLE at the same time: 100% virgin wool on one side, and linen and cotton on the other. The wool side is textured in a way that is reminiscent of marble, showing hints of other materials such as the cotton warp threads, the small linen dots that structure the weave, and the edges. On the linen side, the design is completely solid. While the wool used to create REVERSIBLE offers warmth and high-quality texture, the mix of linen and cotton is a ‘breath of fresh air’, and feels light and fresh on the feet when temperatures rise. REVERSIBLE is synonymous with durability, resistance and comfort throughout the year, providing a very different but pleasant thermal and tactile sensation whatever the season. The preferences of those who use the space, and the time of year, will determine which of the two sides is visible with a mere turn of the rug and the matching pouf cover. Nevertheless, the two sides of REVERSIBLE also have a lot in common: they are simple and timeless designs, natural, soft, and made by hand with quality materials through an artisanal and sustainable process. Despite the combination of textiles, the material that makes up the REVERSIBLE rugs and poufs is light and does not make them heavy or bulky. The rugs are available in two sizes, 170×240 cm and 200×300 cm, and in three different colours (pink, yellow and black), which can be combined with one another. Neat geometric lines, subtle hues, and contemporary style define the REVERSIBLE aesthetic. The square pouf is available in the same finishes as the rugs and, thanks to the lightness of its foam filling and its dimensions (52x52x35 cm), it is comfortable and easy to handle. The REVERSIBLE poufs can gravitate throughout the space as seats, footrests, or improvised tables, and their covers can easily be changed to discover the other side of textiles. A colorful contrasting cord traces some of the edges as a playful detail.

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