The Eagle by Viereck Architekten ZT - Architecture Collection

The Eagle

by Viereck Architekten ZT


Gold Winner

Hospitality Medium Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH
Design Team: Hubert Hebesberger Gernot Kraut Martina Haller Bernhard Viereck
Country: Austria
Copyright: Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH


When first arriving at the site at 2000m above main sea level, we were stunned by the panoramic views over the landscape and to the mountain range in the back. At the site, there was a small, rather temporary building structure with a huge umbrella serving as an après ski bar, placed on a picturesque plateau. Taking that beautiful landscape into consideration, we decided to create a less interfering design for the new structure. Form finding and façade Approached by the client to create a crystalline or rock-like building, we chose a shape where its facades derive from the orientation and views of the site itself. Its main elevations offer the most spectacular views into the landscape, having a clear height of close to 6 Meters. The remaining façade is also built entirely in glass. Since the project time frame from December 2019 to December 2020 was extremely tight, it was necessary to build an accurate 3D BIM model for the entire structure and all façade elements in order to maintain delivery times without delays. Superstructure and Interior Design Large visible CLT beams define the restaurant space and provide, together with CLT ceiling slabs, a warm and cozy atmosphere. The CLT beams are organized in a star- shape to add a dramatic ceiling design, changing constantly as you walk through the building. The triangular areas between the beams are filled with perforated acoustic panels in timber, with ventilation systems and electric installations hidden underneath. The whole interior space is filled with, specifically for this building designed, bird- like pendant lamps, which are entirely made of compressed felt to create a bird swarm flying through the building, as reference to its contextual wildlife. Slender CLT columns leaning inwards in two directions and are organized in a grid of 2 meters to define the structural load as well as the façade. At the bar area, large steel frames set within cascading timber panels are defining the interior design. The 15m long counter is covered with backlit stone plates. Those are also found along the wall of the main guestroom, carved out precisely to reassemble the original mountain range. The main guestroom seating derives from the façade columns grid of 2 meters with custom-made tables in oak wood and benches covered in black leather. Outdoor Terrace The main restaurant can sit up to 200 people, another 200 can be seated at a large outdoor terrace. The flooring comprises prefabricated, heated concrete plates, in order to prevent ice build-up due to harsh weather conditions. The railing structure is made of stainless steel, with its infills of almost invisible stainless steel metal netting to preserve panoramic views of the mountain range. Another highlight of the building is the “Eagle Fly- in” at the lower part of the building, where skiers, which do not want to be seated at the restaurant area, can enjoy quick snacks and drinks – even without unstrapping their ski gear.

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