DNR Highline

by Urban Frame


Gold Winner

High Rise Architecture Architecture Concept

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Raghavendra U Hegde
Studio: Urban Frame
Design Team: Kavana J Mahadesh Sundaram Anniyappa
Country: India


The project aims at creating a ‘high rise living’ experience for the end user. The idea of a building within a garden has been explored by creating a space that people can connect with amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. As a whole, the project creates opportunities for encouraging community lifestyle, a landmark that endows the city with an identity. The site is occupying a strategic position with close proximity to TRANSPORTATION, MEDICAL and COMMERCIAL FACILITIES in the city. The site is surrounded by dense vegetation on the front and the tight packed urban homes at the rear zone. The units were placed in an ideal way in order to get barrier free ventilation and visual access to the vegetations on the site context. The rear side of the site was completely a built, tight scaled urban and 80% of the site was covered by landscape which also serves as an elegant aesthetic view from the dwelling Units. The site is centrally located to a majority of amenities, be it recreational spaces, public transport and other facilities. The site offers proportions such that a majority of the land parcel can be used for recreational activities. The most efficient building form is achieved despite the site constraints.

Urban Frame

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