Emergency Quarantine Facilities by WTA Architecture and Design Studio - Architecture Collection

Emergency Quarantine Facilities

by WTA Architecture and Design Studio


Gold Winner

Institutional Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: William Ti
Studio: WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Country: Philippines
Copyright: ©WTA Architecture and Design Studio


The Emergency Quarantine Facilities are temporary structures meant to augment and increase the capacity of our hospitals. It is meant to house PUIs to keep them from spreading the infection. The idea is to be able to build enough facilities to house all PUIs and allow the virus to die out. This will also prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed and allow us to flatten the curve of the pandemics growth.

With the growth of the virus being so fast. The main need we see is speed and scalability. The structure has to be simple enough that it can be built quickly in 5 days. It has to use materials that are readily available and understood so most workers can work with it and it can be scaled up not just throughout the city but nationwide.

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