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PHOENIX Apartment



Bronze Winner

Apartment Small Interior Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Fabian Freytag
Design Team: Project lead: Floyd Dörre, Client: PRIMUS Immobilien AG
Country: Germany


The PHOENIX project development in Berlin-Charlottenburg is an existing building from the 1920s. A wonderful setting for a fantastic flat. We set ourselves the goal of translating the spirit of this vibrant decade into a contemporary interior and creating a functional home. The biggest challenge in the project was the design of the floor plan and the development of the space program, as the supporting structure, the sloping exterior wall and the relatively low ceilings needed a lot of creativity to design something spectacular. But simple can do anyone we thought and transformed the apartment into a special place for a family. It was important to us to give each room a quality. The motto of the 20s should not be dogmatically in the foreground, but the functionality and well-being. And we wanted to have an answer to every functional question. Every niche is used and designed in a sophisticated way. The apartment should become a strong and expressive character that you get to know more and more. The material and color concept should be unusual for a project development that is basically oriented to a black and white mass taste. Therefore, the result is dedicated to the pure joy of life and the good life. The material world should be honest and sustainable and age perfectly. Nothing that would have to be replaced or exchanged again in years should be built in. Durability in times that are not durable. Sustainability in a beautiful, perhaps a little dreamy packaging.


The FABIAN FREYTAG STUDIO will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022. We love residential projects and developing identities for spaces. We believe in timeless sustainable solutions that make every interior unique and ideally a work of art. Our inspiration comes from art, society, travel and small moments that make you smile. We want to transfer all this to our design and do it with pure passion. We celebrate beauty and have a thieving joy in turning ingrained design criteria on its head. And we believe there is life after Bauhaus.

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