LIK by Environmental and Human Technologies - Architecture Collection


by Environmental and Human Technologies


Gold Winner

Electronics Design Built

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Designer / Architect: Tien Tse Hsieh
Studio: Environmental and Human Technologies
Country: United States


LIK is an unprecedented handheld air purifier that could protect users everywhere. It solves the problems of heavyweight, uncomfortableness, and inconvenience on existing portable air purifiers. The lightweight LIK air purifier has a patent mechanical structure that allows users to choose the appropriate breathing mode according to different situations. The unique design of the structure also minimizes the waste of replacement. The design of LIK is inspired by glaciers to awaken people’s environmental awareness, and it is symbolic of bringing users to the glacier valley where the air is clean. LIK air purifier not only blocks more than 99% of PM0.3, PM2.5, virus, and bacteria but also absorbs Formaldehyde, VOCs, and odors. Exclusive Hi -vel filter techs and patented mechanism can give users comfortable but perfect protection anytime. The carbon footprint of LIK filters is 10% of the N95 air pollution mask.

Environmental and Human Technologies

Environmental and Human Technologies(EHT) is a studio that seeks a win-win for human health and environmental protection by design and technologies. The design created by EHT is always based on and combines the brand spirit, Ergonomics, and the awareness of protecting the environment. EHT uses materials like recyclable aluminum alloy and plastic to reduce harm to the environment at the end of the product life. Also, we are trying to let people know and face the harm to the Glacier brought by environmental pollution by seeing our product, the LIK air purifier.

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