The Monolith

by Prashant Sutaria Architects


Silver Winner

Hospitality Architecture Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Prashant Sutaria
Studio: Prashant Sutaria Architects
Design Team: Prashant Sutaria, Hemant Mystri, Sneha Mehta, Pratik Jain, Namrata Shembekar.
Country: India
Copyright: Studio Colorblind


Designed in “Modern Traditionalism” style, The ‘Monolith’ is inspired by the organic forms of forts of Rajasthan. It is visualized as a solid ‘Marble Block’ sculpted into a building. Located in the historic ‘Lake City’, it’s a metaphor for innovative ideas based on the traditional art & architecture. The traditional stone ‘jali’ (screen) is adapted in window architraves. The roof level design features are inspired by ‘Gadh’ (citadels). Square niches in the facade are inspired by ‘Gokhala’ a feature used to put oil lamps in palaces. It’s a fusion of the spirit of Rajasthan with modernism.

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