A Net Loft Is Made Possible From The High Ceiling Inside This A-Frame Cabin

October 10, 2022

A modern A-frame cabin with a small deck.

Nestled in a woodland setting and located near Grand Marais, Minnesota, the ‘Gaucho‘ A-frame cabin is just a few minutes walk from Lake Superior.

The inspiration for the A-frame came from the owner’s time spent living in Argentina, with the exterior clad in metal, and surrounded on two sides by a small wood deck.

A modern A-frame cabin with a small deck.

Inside the cabin is a small living room with a fireplace, a basic kitchen, and a dining area.

An A-frame cabin with a living room, fireplace, live edge wood dining table and small kitchen.

The dining area has a live edge table supported by a rope hanging from the ceiling, while the kitchen has a cooktop and sink.

An A-frame cabin with a live edge wood dining table and small kitchen.

A ladder leads up to the lofted area, where there’s a net for relaxing and taking in the views.

A lofted net inside an a-frame cabin.

The loft also includes a bedroom with a queen bed, a window, and a small shelf. The cabin doesn’t have an interior bathroom, however, there’s a separate outhouse and shower that can be found outside.

A small bedroom in an a-frame cabin.

To learn more, take a tour of this tiny house by watching a video from YouTuber Levi Kelly as he takes a look around.

Source: Contemporist

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