Houzee Awards – Brief - Architecture Collection

The Houzee Awards is the first and most extensive award in the field of residential design and architecture. Our mission is to recognize and promote the best in contemporary and innovative residential design across the world. We believe that good design has the power to enhance people’s lives and make a positive impact on the environment. Our vision is to encourage the development of high-quality, sustainable, and inspiring homes that reflect the needs and aspirations of modern living.

Whether you’re an architect, designer, web designer, builder, landscaper, manufacturer, enthusiast, aspiring creator, or anyone with a passion for improving residential environments, we invite you to join us in celebrating the finest in residential architecture and design.

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$200 $ 180 per application

Your benefits

Award Trophy

All winners will have the option to order an Award Trophy, a tangible symbol of their achievement and the recognition for their outstanding work.

Certificate of Achievement

All winners will receive a Certificate of Achievement, a prestigious document that can be used to demonstrate your success and enhance your reputation.

Logo Recognition

Winners will receive a Personalized Award Logo that can be used on marketing materials, website, and other promotional materials, further increasing their visibility and recognition.

Winners List Exposure

The names of all winners will be published in the Houzee Winners list, providing valuable exposure and recognition for their work.

Homepage Feature

Winners will have their project featured on the Houzee Awards homepage and given its own landing page, allowing participants to showcase their work to a global audience.

Social Media Spotlight

The Houzee Awards will post the best projects on its official Instagram and Facebook feeds, increasing exposure and visibility for the winners and their work.

Cover Prestige

The best projects may be selected for the covers of future Houzee Awards, further increasing recognition and prestige for the winners.

Media Buzz

The Houzee Awards generates media coverage and social media exposure, which can increase the visibility of your work and business.

Global Showcase

The Houzee Awards provides an opportunity to showcase your work and gain recognition from a global audience.

Reputation Boost

Winning or even being nominated for an award can enhance your reputation and credibility in the industry, which can lead to more business and career opportunities.

Visibility Uplift

By participating in the Houzee Awards, you can increase the visibility of your brand and create awareness among potential clients and partners.

Market Distinction

The Houzee Awards provides an opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Registration fees

Early Bird Registration

till 5th April 2024
$ 120
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $60
  • Second project: $120
  • 50% Student Discount

Advance Registration

till 10th May 2024
$ 140
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $70
  • Second project: $140
  • 50% Student Discount

Standard Registration

till 7th June 2024
$ 160
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $80
  • Second project: $160
  • 50% Student Discount

Extended Registration

till 5th July 2024
$ 180
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $90
  • Second project: $180
  • 50% Student Discount


till 2nd August 2024
$ 200
  • Registration of one project
  • Registration in one category
  • Second category: $100
  • Second project: $200
  • 50% Student Discount

Award Categories

Single-Family Housing
Multi-Family Housing
Affordable Housing
Luxury Housing
Vacation Home
Adaptive Reuse of Residential Buildings
Renovation and Addition
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Residential
Historic and Period Residential
Custom Home
Condominium and Apartment
Urban Infill Housing
Rural and Agricultural Housing
Cooperative and Cohousing
Accessible and Inclusive Housing
Prefabricated and Modular Housing
High-Performance Housing
Temporary and Emergency Housing
Multi-Generational and Extended Family Housing
Social Housing
Mixed-Use Housing
Co-Living Housing
Green and Passive House
Zero-Energy Housing
Smart Home
Spec Home
Floating Housing
Temporary and Pop-Up Structures
Skyscrapers and High-Rise Buildings
Futuristic and Conceptual
Custom Architectural Designs
Living Room Design
Dining Room Design
Kitchen Design
Bedroom Design
Bathroom Design
Home Office Design
Children's Room Design
Nursery Design
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Design
Small Space & Apartment Design
Adaptive Reuse & Renovation
Home Automation & Smart Design
Outdoor Living & Patio Design
Indoor-Outdoor Integration
Luxury & High-End Design
Contemporary & Modern Design
Classic & Traditional Design
Minimalist Design
Eclectic & Bohemian Design
Industrial & Urban Design
Best Use of Color & Textiles
Custom Exceptional Residential Design Achievements
Residential Garden Design
Rooftop Garden Design
Urban Landscape Design
Courtyard & Patio Design
Outdoor Living Spaces
Water Features & Ponds
Swimming Pool & Spa Design
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Landscapes
Native & Drought-Tolerant Landscapes
Wildlife & Habitat Gardens
Edible & Productive Gardens
Green Roofs & Walls
Rain Gardens & Stormwater Management
Hardscape & Paving Design
Landscape Lighting Design
Planting & Softscape Design
Garden Structures & Focal Points
Small & Compact Garden Design
Large-Scale Landscape Design
Coastal & Waterfront Landscapes
Mountain & Hillside Landscapes
Desert & Arid Landscapes
Landscape Restoration & Renovation
Landscape Art & Sculpture
Custom Exceptional Landscape Design Achievements
Seating: Chairs, Stools & Benches
Sofas & Lounge Furniture
Tables: Dining, Coffee & Side Tables
Beds & Bedroom Furniture
Storage: Cabinets, Shelving & Wardrobes
Outdoor & Patio Furniture
Children's Furniture & Playroom Design
Modular & Multi-Functional Furniture
Office & Workspace Furniture
Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture
Bathroom & Vanity Furniture
Accent & Decorative Furniture
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Furniture
Custom & Bespoke Furniture
Luxury & High-End Furniture
Innovative & Conceptual Furniture Design
Material & Craftsmanship Excellence
Lighting & Illuminated Furniture
Textiles, Upholstery & Soft Furnishings
Furniture for Small Spaces & Compact Living
Furniture for Adaptive & Universal Design
Furniture for Aging in Place & Accessibility
Furniture Collection & Series Design
Restoration & Repurposing of Vintage Furniture
Custom Exceptional Furniture Design Achievements
Ambient & General Lighting
Task & Focused Lighting
Accent & Decorative Lighting
Architectural & Integrated Lighting
Outdoor & Landscape Lighting
Energy-Efficient & Sustainable Lighting
Smart & Connected Lighting Systems
Chandeliers & Pendant Lighting
Floor Lamps & Standing Lamps
Table Lamps & Desk Lamps
Wall Sconces & Flush Lighting
Ceiling & Recessed Lighting
Track & Adjustable Lighting
Stair, Step & Pathway Lighting
Artistic & Sculptural Lighting
Custom & Bespoke Lighting Design
Innovative & Conceptual Lighting Design
Lighting for Wellness & Human-Centric Design
Lighting for Adaptive & Universal Design
Lighting Controls & Automation
Material & Craftsmanship Excellence
Lighting for Small Spaces & Compact Living
Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting
Bedroom & Living Room Lighting
Custom Exceptional Lighting Design Achievements
Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures
Home Appliances & Electronics
Textiles, Fabrics, & Upholstery
Flooring, Wall Coverings & Surfaces
Decorative Accessories & Objets d'Art
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products
Smart & Connected Home Products
Material & Craftsmanship Excellence
Space-Saving & Multifunctional Products
Innovative & Conceptual Product Design
Adaptive & Universal Design Products
Tableware, Dinnerware & Serveware
Cookware, Bakeware & Kitchen Tools
Bedroom & Sleep Accessories
Storage Solutions & Organizational Products
Home Office & Workspace Products
Outdoor, Garden & Patio Products
Children's & Nursery Products
Health, Wellness & Fitness Products
Safety, Security & Emergency Products
DIY & Home Improvement Products
Art, Sculpture & Collectibles
Custom Outstanding Product Design Achievements
Best Home Design & Planning App
Interior Design & Decorating App
Architecture & 3D Modeling App
Landscape & Garden Design App
Sustainable & Eco-friendly App
Architectural & Design Documentaries
Virtual Home Tours & Showcases
Design Software Tutorials & Webinars
Interior Design & Architecture Podcasts
Innovative Typography in Branding
Typography in Interior Signage & Wayfinding
Typography in Print & Digital Collateral
Experimental Typography in Design
Best Architecture Firm Website
Best Interior Design Studio Website
Best Landscape Design Firm Website
Best Furniture & Decor E-commerce Website
Outstanding Design Blog or Online Magazine
Best Design Portfolio Website
Innovative Use of Web Technologies in Design

Award Schedule


Early Bird Registration

Registration Fee: 120 USD
Additional category: 60 USD

05 April 2024


Advance Registration

Registration Fee: 140 USD
Additional category: 70 USD

10 May 2024


Standard Registration

Registration Fee: 160 USD
Additional category: 80 USD

07 June 2024


Extended Registration

Registration Fee: 180 USD
Additional category: 90 USD

05 July 2024


Late Registration

Registration Fee: 200 USD
Additional category: 100 USD

02 August 2024


Project Submissions

Submit your project materials by this date.

05 August 2024

Winners Announcement

The publication of the winners on our website will take place on that day.

06 September 2024

How do you become a Winner?

1. Registration

Register your project and pay the registration fee. You can register multiple projects that have not won Houzee Awards before. Each project can be registered in several categories. Registration is open until the 2nd August 2024.

2. Submit Your Project

After registration you will receive a personal registration key. Submit your project materials through a special form on the website. Be careful, each project can be submitted only once. The project must be submitted until the 5th August 2024.

3. Voting Period

The honorable members of the Grand Jury proceed to the online voting. Each project is evaluated according to 3 main criteria: Innovation & Originality, Design & Esthetic look, Functionality & Spatial integration.

4. Congratulations to Winners

The winners and runners-up will be published on our website and social media. The winners will also be published on the websites of our media partners. Each winner and runner-up will receive a set of awards, as well as the opportunity to order a special statuette.

Grand Jury Members

Tao Chen & Jade Lee

Founder & Co-Founder

Tao Chen & Jade Lee are the founders and co-founders of DesignRe-explore. DesignRe-explore is an international media agency headquartered in Guangzhou with offices in London. DesignRe-explore has also established design industry platforms such as HEPER, an international design masterpiece sharing platform, and iawards, an international design competition platform. Tao Chen and Jade Lee have been working in the architectural and interior design industry for nearly a decade, and have extensive experience in brand strategy, public relations and marketing planning. They have served over 200 founders, partners and managers of architectural and interior design firms, and have selected and sent designers or organizations to participate in prestigious international design competitions and helped them win nearly 600 awards. Tao Chen and Jade Lee are committed to providing a platform for Chinese and foreign designers to exchange and collaborate, aiming to discover and promote original and innovative design works, and to promote design practitioners who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of real estate development, architectural design, interior design and aesthetic creativity worldwide, so as to select industry experts and design talents with innovative contributions, forward-looking ideas and aesthetic creativity, and to provide them with a preferred platform to showcase their best works and help their business development. The event is designed to select industry experts and design talents with innovative contributions, forward-looking ideas, aesthetic creativity, and provide them with a preferred platform to showcase their work and facilitate business development. Over the years, Tao Chen and Jade Lee have integrated and cooperated with more than 1,000 media outlets and have a media publishing matrix with art and design, real estate and home, news and information, culture and entertainment as the core.

Hans-Petter Bjørnådal

Founder & Principal Architect
Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio

Hans-Petter Bjørnådal is a Norwegian architect who graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) in 2003. His unique approach to architecture is deeply influenced by his studies in social anthropology, landscape ecology, and philosophy. Hans-Petter Bjørnådal’s work transcends traditional architectural boundaries, incorporating elements of scenography and an intense focus on the research of nomadic cultures and the relationship between modern humans and nature. Since establishing his own architectural studio in 2007, Hans-Petter Bjørnådal has been recognized for his innovative and socially relevant projects. His work has garnered several awards and was notably featured in the Nordic Pavilion during La Biennale Di Venezia in 2016. His projects are known for their artistic and social anthropological perspective, often blending architecture with complex cultural narratives. Hans-Petter Bjørnådal’s works have received international attention, being published in renowned publications such as Topos, Byggekunst, Architizer, Designboom, and Arch Daily. One of his notable projects, the environmental theatre Klemet, was a finalist in the Architizer 2015 + Awards. His commitment to sustainability is evident in his efforts to harmonize culture, landscape, and narratives with nature. Hans-Petter often collaborates with students, artists, and various communities through workshops, emphasizing the importance of communication in his projects. Hans-Petter Bjørnådal has been engaged in many noteworthy endeavors. This include a public space art project outside Grønnåsen School for the Tromsø municipality, and the project Spheres, which was exhibited during the Venice Biennale 2021 and was presented at Kristiansund Kunsthall in February 2022. Currently, he is involved with the opening ceremony for Bodø 2024, collaborating with Phase7, Nordland Teater and Ada Jurgensen. Hans-Petter Bjørnådal’s career is a testament to his commitment to exploring architecture as a medium for storytelling and cultural expression, striving to create spaces that resonate with people’s experiences in the modern world.

Maria Chatzistavrou

Owner & Interior Architect
Lime Deco

Maria Chatzistavrou is the owner and Interior Architect at Maria Chatzistavrou – Lime Deco, with over 16 years of experience in the field of interior architecture. She specializes in the design of Retail spaces, private residences, and luxury hotels. Her work in these areas has been recognized with several awards from prestigious competitions, underlining her commitment to creating unique, elegant, and memorable spaces. Maria Chatzistavrou’s approach is centered around improving the quality of life for her clients by blending spectacular aesthetics with functional design. Her goal is to influence future design trends rather than replicating current styles. This philosophy has earned her acclaim in various segments of interior architecture, including retail design and luxury hotel interiors. Her accolades include: “Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards” (2019), “International Property Awards” (2019-2020), “Luxury Lifestyle Awards” (2023), “Big See Interior Design Awards” (2019), “Hotel Design Awards” by “100% Hotel Show” (2018), “Hotel Design Awards” by “100% Hotel Show” (2019) These awards are a testament to her skill and dedication to creating spaces that are not only visually striking but also functionally sound and forward-thinking in their design.

Oscar Hernández

Co-Director at STVX Architects

Oscar Hernández, born in 1990, is a distinguished Mexican architect and architectural photographer, who graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (UAA) in 2013. Since 2012, he has excelled in architectural photography and filmmaking, showcasing Mexican architecture on a global stage. His work, recognized through numerous awards, has been featured in various online platforms, books, and printed magazines, both nationally and internationally. Hernández has documented over 450 projects in Mexico, the United States, and Spain. His approach combines firsthand knowledge with insights gained from direct interactions with the creators and users of the spaces he captures. Photography, for Oscar Hernández, is an extension of his architectural practice—a unique method to observe and interpret the interplay of volumetry and light, focusing on scale, materials, context, climate, and function. His narratives aim to convey the original intentions and user experiences of each project. He is also the co-founder and co-director of STVX Architects, a firm specializing in architectural design, real estate development, and urban projects, based in Aguascalientes and Mexico City. The firm is noted for its innovative approach in the field and its contributions to architectural education, regularly participating as educators and workshop leaders at national architecture conferences. Hernández’s architectural and photographic contributions have been widely published in prestigious magazines and international blogs, including Domus (printed and digital), Archdaily, Architectural Digest, Glocal, Archdaily MX, ATK, Dezeen, Architizer, and Architect Magazine, along with Architecture News. His unique combination of skills in architecture and photography has established him as a notable figure in both disciplines, adept at merging design principles with visual artistry.

Treasure Hinds

Parnter & Designer
Anvil Studios Inc

With a keen feel for usability, sculptural form, and style, Treasure Hinds is one-half of Anvil Studios, a boutique industrial design studio in Seattle WA. Over the past 15 years, Anvil Studios has brought over 50 products to market, holds numerous patents, and has been recognized with 100 design awards (IDEA, iF Award, Red Dot Award, IDA, Spark, and GOOD Design). Prior to Anvil, Treasure Hinds designed for some of the world’s most well-known agencies and technology companies, including Microsoft, Siemens, and frog design. Treasure has lived and worked around the globe, from San Francisco to Munich to Shanghai. In 2017 she co-curated the Good Innovation International Design Exhibition in Shenzhen, China. Treasure Hinds holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Western Washington University, where she serves on the ID program board of advisors.

Jimmy Landaburu

Digital Creative Director

Jimmy Landaburu has had a distinguished career in advertising, working with some of Ecuador’s top agencies including Maruri Grey, Norlop JWT, Lowe, and Y&R. He also interned at prominent agencies such as Agulla & Baccetti, Y&R (Argentina), and Grey Brasil. His creative achievements have been recognized with awards and honors at both national and international festivals, including the New York Festivals, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Cóndor de Oro, Festival del Caribe, and Diario El Comercio. Jimmy Landaburu has been honored to serve as a mentor for The One Club’s Creative Bootcamp in New York, hosted by Wunderman, and in London, hosted by Wieden + Kennedy. His expertise in the field is further demonstrated by his role as a jury member in prestigious advertising festivals worldwide, such as the New York Festivals, EL SOL festival, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Lisbon International Awards, Lisbon Health Awards, Adstars Festival, Muse Awards, Cresta Awards, Luxury Advertising Awards, American Business Awards, Vega Awards, NYX Awards, Wina Awards, and FEPI Awards. Currently, Jimmy Landaburu holds the position of Creative Director at Ludikom and serves as a Digital Consultant at PRESS NETWORK. He is also a founder of Bross Studio. His extensive involvement as a jury member in various prestigious awards further showcases his expertise. In 2022, he participated as an expert jury panel member for the NYX Marcom Awards and as a juror for the MUSE Awards, both associated with Ludikom. In the same year, he was recognized at the MAD STARS YOUNG GUNS by AD STARS, and served on the Marketing & Social Media Jury for the American Business Awards®, representing Ludikom. His acumen was also sought for the New York Festivals Grand Jury in 2021. Jimmy Landaburu’s contributions extend back to 2017, where he was part of the PRINT JURY for El Ojo de Iberoamerica and the Preliminary Jury for FEPI, both times associated with Creacional AAG. Additionally, he served on the juries of the CRESTA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS and the VEGA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, showcasing his commitment to excellence and innovation in advertising. These roles, among others, reflect his significant impact in the world of advertising and creative direction.

Wang Zhike & Li Xiaoshui

Founders & Creative Directors

Zhike Wang and Xiaoshui Li, who founded Topway Interior Design Co., Ltd. in Foshan in 2002, have carved a notable path in the design industry. Graduating from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts just two years before establishing their company, their journey over the past 20 years has been focused on commercial space design, specializing in headquarters buildings, interior exhibition halls, and office spaces for various businesses. Their approach to design blends modern style with a natural touch, aiming to create spaces that are relevant today yet forward-looking. They skillfully combine Eastern and Western design elements to craft spaces that are functional, appealing, and artistic. Throughout their careers, Zhike Wang and Xiaoshui Li have been recognized with an impressive array of awards, underlining their impact and skill in the design world. These accolades include the Swiss BLT Built Design Awards, where they were named Designer of the Year, and the Muse Design Award (USA) where they won the Platinum prize. They also secured a Gold Winner position at the A’ Design Award (Italy) and a Silver Winner title at the IDA Design Awards (USA). Their work has been further celebrated with a special honoree at the Outstanding Real Estate Award in London, alongside recognition at the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN in North America, the Architecture Master Prize (AMP), and the DNA Paris Design Awards in France. Additionally, they have won the Gold Winner award at the Architecture Society of China Interior Design Awards. Other notable recognitions include winning the Jintang Prize for Outstanding Project of the Year, a Special Nomination at the PI Design Awards in North America, the London Design Award in the UK, the Platinum Winner at the Asia Pacific Design Awards for Elites, the Gold Winner at the China International Interior Design Biennial Awards, and the Gold Winner at the Bauhaus Design Awards. Zhike Wang’s and Xiaoshui Li’s ability to create innovative and functional designs has not only earned them a significant place in the design industry but has also made their company, Topway Interior Design, a respected name in commercial space design. Their journey is a testament to their dedication and skill in transforming spaces into meaningful and effective environments.

Eugenio Bini

Architect + Engineer
Founder of beingarch

Eugenio Bini is a multi-faceted architect and engineer, known for his diverse skill set and visionary approach in various design fields. His journey exemplifies a blend of technical proficiency, creative innovation and deep understanding of design and visual principles.

Graduating with honors in Engineering and Architecture from the University of Perugia with the experimental thesis “Perspectives of Urban Regeneration: Public Space and Traffic Calming Strategies” in 2014 and awarded as the best graduate student of the year, he qualified both as Architect and Engineer.

After graduating, he joined the International Workshop “Lisbon Expo, towards Urban Mending” within the Master “Remaking Landscapes” program at UPC –   Lisbon, where he learned from some of the most renowned architects like Gonçalo Byrne and Alvaro Siza. He has collaborated with a number of Italian and International architectural practices, including Carlo Ratti Associati where he contributed to high-profile designs like the Masterplan for Mutti Headquarters, a design-concept for Poste Italiane and Real Rio, an interactive installation for the 2016 Olympic Games sponsored by Cisco System.

Lifelong learner, always interested in new challenges and opportunities he has also focused on product design and auto-production. His project “Figaro” an hi-tech coffee table, garnered widespread exhibition and critical acclaim. 

In 2023 he developed “Enel Box”, an innovative concept that will revolutionize the design of secondary substations on the next years by reducing their carbon footprint with a circular approach, maximizing the capacity to hold advanced digitalization technology and facilitating its ability to blend harmoniously into various settings whether they are urban, rural, modern or historical.

As art director he supports companies to define identities and strategies of communication, covering different design areas including branding, advertising, packaging, UI/UX. 

His ability to cater to diverse needs and adapt to different economic contexts has earned him significant trust and respect by national and international companies such as Altromercato, Chicco, Clementoni, Enel, Inter, Mercedes Benz, Migross, Mutti, Municipality of Perugia and Alcamo, Pharmathek, Todis and SPAL, among others. His work has been also recognized with many awards and commendations.

Besides his professional achievements, he is dedicated to teaching and research, contributing to the fields of communication, design, visual arts and urban planning.

2023 Winners

Platinum Winner
Fort 137
by Daniel Joseph Chenin, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C
Platinum Winner
by Adrien Gesulfo
Platinum Winner
livMatS Pavilion
by ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart
Gold Winner
Black House (Casa Negra)
by Oliver Schütte
Gold Winner
Villa K.
by Christoph Grabowski & Jan Spork
Silver Winner
Ho Man Tin
by Dennis
Gold Winner
7WETKOFF Living // Village House
by Tanja Zwetkoff
Platinum Winner
The A.S.A.R.I.
by Fabio Mantovani photographer
Platinum Winner
RXR One Clinton Park Lighting Design
by Christien Methot, Principal Designer, Design One Lighting Design
Platinum Winner
Casa Tetra
by Felipe Caboclo
Platinum Winner
Hidden Stone House
by Jose Daniel Teran
Platinum Winner
Gold Winner
Mediterranean residence
by Leszek Kalandyk
Platinum Winner
Oukan Dining
by Tran Mai Huy-Thong
Platinum Winner
Wall installation HOOKS
by Uta Meeder
Gold Winner
Thunderbird Circle
by Emily Roose
Gold Winner
by Lievore Altherr Molina
Gold Winner
COMMOD Weitblick

Extended Registration Deadline in


Registration Fee

$200 $ 180 per application

We encourage designers and architects to share their best projects with the rest of the world so as to inspire the next generation and gain global recognition.