Platinum Winner 2023 – Wall installation HOOKS - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Houzee Awards 2023

Wall installation HOOKS

Platinum Winner

Architect / Designer:

Uta Meeder




The wall installation HOOKS by MAOMI represents a design wardrobe and an art object at the same time. The idea of the form emerged from the hand of an artist, was moulded and cast and then glazed by hand at our production facility in Sri Lanka. Instead of passing on a 3D model to factories for mass production, this is a cross-country collaboration from workshop to workshop. In colour and shape, HOOKS are reminiscent of pebbles that have been finely polished by water. Their feel conveys a pleasant warmth due to their natural origin. The design combines aesthetic pleasure with minimalist functionality. If the HOOKS are mounted on the wall, the user’s creativity comes into play. There are no limits to the installation – HOOKS can be mounted as desired to create different works of art indoors or outdoors. We are proud that our family-run manufactory in Sri Lanka attaches great importance to social fairness in production – the central criterion in the selection of our production partners. Special emphasis is placed on equality, inclusion and ecological efficiency. Furthermore, the body and glaze of the hooks consist exclusively of naturally occurring minerals and earths.


MAOMI brand is to preserve and reward time-honored craftsmanship within signature modern design. Every single product line is based on a different ancient handcraft technique and contains its unique artistical approach. We have made it our mission to think and develop classic design further: timeless aesthetics and reduction, natural materials, haptic experience and craft techniques. None of our products are mass-produced but created in the course of a slow design. As the individual design objects are handcrafted: each is unique, no two are the same. Workshop-to-workshop design combined with time-proven expertise instead of 3D file design and industrial mass production.

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