Platinum Winner 2023 – The A.S.A.R.I. - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Houzee Awards 2023

The A.S.A.R.I.

Platinum Winner

Architect / Designer:

Fabio Mantovani photographer




Fabio Mantovani


ASARI Insitute, Morocco. Architect: Bechu + Associés. Paris, France The ASARI (african sustainable agriculture research institute) is a research center on the silting up of the Sahara desert area and sustainable agriculture techniques, wanted by the King of Morocco Mohammed VI for Phosboucraa Foundation & Ocp. The architectural project – by Bechu + Associés, Paris, France – is designed to create a minimal impact on the environment in which it is inserted, with colors and shapes present on the territory, and with the addition of protective walls against the strong wind coming from the sea that crosses a large portion of the desert before reaching the plant. The addition of the multi-diamond canopy creates light-shadow effects similar to those found in natural oases, as well as protecting the outdoor spaces between the various laboratories from the strong sun.

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