Platinum Winner 2023 – Hidden Stone House - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Houzee Awards 2023

Hidden Stone House

Platinum Winner

Architect / Designer:

Jose Daniel Teran


A1 Arquitectura Avanzada

Design Team:

•Design Team: Jose Daniel Teran / Karen Oquendo / Miguel Arboleda •Collaborators: Alejandro Parreño, Mauricio Suasti, Felipe Moya, Alexis Sampedro, Ariana Urgiles, Melissa Arevalo, Nicole Rojas •Photography: Bicubik •Interior Styling: Veronica Guijarro •Furniture: AB Koncept / Anabel Rosales




The project is developed by molding the geometry and positioning itself among some pre-existing endemic trees. Respect for existing nature and the mimetic location produce a symbiotic harmonic space where users live in an ideal ecosystem. The harmony that the project reflects, through respect, adaptation and mutual potentialization, achieves that nature and architecture coexist in balance within the same space. As a consequence, the architecture adapts and integrates with the existing natural biotype.

A1 Arquitectura Avanzada

A1 arquitectura is a firm that specializes in theoretical research of advanced architecture applied to real projects at different levels. The studio seeks to merge, through the analysis and parameterization of information, the pure composition of spaces with the emergent outcomes that arise from the needs of the user to obtain unique and specific architectural results in each project. This allows architectural objects to obtain unique qualities and incorporate evolutionarily efficient systems according to the project´s surroundings.

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