Platinum Winner 2023 – FIMIDA - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Houzee Awards 2023


Platinum Winner

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Russian Federation
A large-scale lamp with a height of 6.6 meters, made in the form of a human figure, created specifically for the central atrium of the RODINA club in Moscow. Rounded shapes, a variety of volumes, bizarre outlines and a bright red color are united in a single image of a spatial, sculptural object. Light elements distributed over the accent areas of the lamp emphasize the image and complement the decorative aspect to the functional component. The design is created in such a way that each part of the lamp serves as part of the overall balance of the form, turning the frame and other elements into a large balanced suspended structure that mimics the scales. FIMIDA is the epitome of pure idea, creativity, balance, balance, choice and consequences, with the fundamental role of man. “Sometimes simple images in large-scale execution can play a huge role and influence the space and people in it, containing a deep idea, meaning and context”


The history of GORKOVENKO brand has started with the creation of unique individual interior items, that were used in the own studio projects. A far as the company extended and developed, the philosophy and images of pieces and spaces of the studio has resonated in the men of virtue’s hearts, becoming later a full-size design product with the constant items, indexes and new trends and proposals. Different art masters’ skills, unique design and understanding of extensional decisions have transformed into one system, a language of design, that is heard nowadays in all objects and items of studio throughout the world.

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