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LK&PROJEKT Unveil Luxurious Modern-Mediterranean Residence

Polish architect Leszek Kalandyk and his studio, LK&PROJEKT, have recently completed a stunning residential project that combines luxury and modern design with a touch of Mediterranean inspiration. This sophisticated home, comprised of interpenetrating cuboids, presents a unique play of simple, unpretentious rectangular forms that create a subdued dynamic.

The residence, featuring a bright travertine exterior, is situated on a hill, influencing the design of a large terrace area and day zone with panoramic views. The house’s layout includes two types of terraces, one open to the facade and an intimate corner for residents, with trees seamlessly integrated into the design.

The three-storey house features a small floor, a spacious ground floor, and a partial basement, each thoughtfully designed to serve distinct functions. The ground floor boasts an extensive day zone, a sleeping area, and a complementary part with a fitness room, tourist equipment room, and wardrobes. The kitchen enjoys its own loggia from the entrance, and the first floor serves as a separate flat, accessible via stairs from the parterre.

In the basement, you will find a double garage, a boiler room, and a wine cellar, completing this residence’s rich functional program. The integrated illumination showcases the home’s beauty after dusk, underlining the careful attention to detail and innovative design that characterize Kalandyk’s latest architectural marvel.

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