Wang Zhike & Li Xiaoshui - Architecture Collection

Wang Zhike & Li Xiaoshui

Zhike Wang and Xiaoshui Li, who founded Topway Interior Design Co., Ltd. in Foshan in 2002, have carved a notable path in the design industry. Graduating from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts just two years before establishing their company, their journey over the past 20 years has been focused on commercial space design, specializing in headquarters buildings, interior exhibition halls, and office spaces for various businesses. Their approach to design blends modern style with a natural touch, aiming to create spaces that are relevant today yet forward-looking. They skillfully combine Eastern and Western design elements to craft spaces that are functional, appealing, and artistic. Throughout their careers, Zhike Wang and Xiaoshui Li have been recognized with an impressive array of awards, underlining their impact and skill in the design world. These accolades include the Swiss BLT Built Design Awards, where they were named Designer of the Year, and the Muse Design Award (USA) where they won the Platinum prize. They also secured a Gold Winner position at the A’ Design Award (Italy) and a Silver Winner title at the IDA Design Awards (USA). Their work has been further celebrated with a special honoree at the Outstanding Real Estate Award in London, alongside recognition at the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN in North America, the Architecture Master Prize (AMP), and the DNA Paris Design Awards in France. Additionally, they have won the Gold Winner award at the Architecture Society of China Interior Design Awards. Other notable recognitions include winning the Jintang Prize for Outstanding Project of the Year, a Special Nomination at the PI Design Awards in North America, the London Design Award in the UK, the Platinum Winner at the Asia Pacific Design Awards for Elites, the Gold Winner at the China International Interior Design Biennial Awards, and the Gold Winner at the Bauhaus Design Awards. Zhike Wang’s and Xiaoshui Li’s ability to create innovative and functional designs has not only earned them a significant place in the design industry but has also made their company, Topway Interior Design, a respected name in commercial space design. Their journey is a testament to their dedication and skill in transforming spaces into meaningful and effective environments.

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