Silver Winner 2022 – “enveloped in white” apartment - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

"enveloped in white" apartment

Apartment Small Interior Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Grzegorz Kłoda


GK-Atelier Grzegorz Kłoda

Design Team:

Grzegorz Kłoda – lead designer Weronika Szalbirak – assistant designer


Grzegorz Wasylko – photographer


“enveloped in white” apartment (apartment on Raclawic Avenue in Lublin). Polish family in love with Norwegian winter. The project was developed for a Polish family of 2+2 permanently living in Norway. The investors have been working and living in the country for years and are passionate about it. From the first day they fell in love with Norwegian nature, especially in winter. They travel a lot to learn about the local culture and observe nature. They have already lived in virtually all regions of Norway, starting from around the frigid Arctic Circle through the central part to the temperate climate in the capital, Oslo. The guidelines were as follows: The apartment is to be: – very bright – there is to be a great deal of lighting, with zero chandeliers – moderately minimalist – earth and snow colors (white to black, gray scale) plus elements of light, – freshly cut wood – bright, but not cold, moderately minimalist, but not sterile – cozy with a homey feel Implementation: The living space of the apartment is dominated by the color white and fresh, light wood in this case oak. A large amount of various lighting makes it possible to model the atmosphere of the interior, adjusting it to your mood and situation. The whole room is decorated with beiges (sofa and curtains) and earthiness (table and carpet). Traces of black can be found in details such as hockers and track lighting. An interesting element is the decoration behind the sofa in the living room. As inspiration, the investors showed a photo of a snowy forest, where the rays of the setting sun pierce through the rhythmically growing trees. These wooden vertical laths interspersed with LED lighting are a kind of metaphor for this very forest situation…. In the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom, the overriding goal was the maximum practicality of these zones. In both, white stretched ceilings were used to diffuse light as much as possible and give a substitute for the impression of daylight. The bathroom is earthy colors, gray and details in black. Investors loved microcement for its practicality, texture and minimalism. As well as concrete, we treated it as a metaphor for contemporary stone. The investors did not agree to photograph the night area, as they wanted to keep this part exclusively for themselves. It is kept in darker tones of gray. More black appears especially in the built-in furniture. The earthiness and the substitute of any colors can be seen in the only photo of this zone, a photograph of the wallpaper in the bedroom. The apartment is used by the Investors as a base for trips to Poland when they visit relatives. It is not excluded that the apartment will also become a student apartment in the future, if the Investors’ children decide to study in Lublin. Project implementation: 2022 Area: 55 sqm Location: Lublin, Racławickie Avenue Scope: conceptual design, detailed design and author’s supervision

GK-Atelier Grzegorz Kłoda

A young architectural office whose founder is Grzegorz Kloda. He seeks inspiration for his projects in nature, music and his immediate surroundings. His work and approach to design are greatly influenced by his experience gained at a foreign university and in international projects. He is willing to participate in social initiatives which are often an attempt to draw attention to difficult and important issues. Promoter of the idea of sustainable development.He has won many international architectural competitions.

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