Gold Winner 2022 – Is this BLACK or white - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Is this BLACK or white

Residential Interior Design Built
Student Category

Architect / Designer:





When comes to HDB, the focal point has always protected by inability of transformation and typical layout. In this project, the key principle was to subdivide 1 space into 3 zoning. Relationship, communication and language became part of the interaction of this house. The conversation was to inspire delicate experience featuring a row of craftsmanship black & white details. Overall, the zoning inspires geometry and elite tone of details inspire demographic. With an attention of details; layers of rich tones texture were embraced into the surface and lighting became the last illusion to anchor every space experience. Slicing through every wall to reveal between the elegant of identity and contrast of object. In the shadow of English theme, the challenge was to transport our local element into a collective contemporary atmosphere. Perhaps this outlook response through a behaviour of “Framework”, “glossy white” & “veins”.


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