Gold Winner 2022 – Umbrella Sky project “Flower Power” - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Umbrella Sky project "Flower Power"

Pop-Ups Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Patrícia Cunha


Impactplan art productions

Design Team:

Patrícia Cunha, Bruno Almeida, Bruno Silva, Alexandra Melo, Marta Rodrigues, Catarina Almeida, Carolina Bernardo, Bruno Tomás, Miguel Figueiredo, Luis Coelho, Adriana Arnay, Ricardo Cruz, Catarina Maria, Filipe Almeida


Impactplan art productions


This project is an adaptation of our “umbrella Project”. We decided to create a floating garden in vibrant colors using one of the most beloved objects in our artistic installations, the umbrellas. They are a symbol of protection and allow us to spread color and joy while creating protection against the elements, helping to reduce temperatures in the exhibition areas. We used translucent materials to create a stained glass effect and paint the floor and walls without using paint, only with the reflections caused by the incidence of light. The sky of umbrellas that seem to float in the air transports us into a fantasy world! An open-air museum that produces beautiful and viral images, attracting the attention of bloggers, photographers, and the press. Contributing to the increase of tourism and consequently the increase of local economy. This Project is culturally inclusive, and inspires human connection through the universal power of color!

Impactplan art productions

Our team is composed by amazing people between designers, marketeers, creatives, thinkers, dreamers… We all believe that creativity can change the world! We turn ideas into reality by creating beautiful and instagrammable art installations that have a real impact on places and in people’s lives! Coloring the grey landscape is always our starting point. In the process we use vibrant colors and unusual objects in unexpected places to create impact and provoke immediate feelings and reactions, after all coloring life is the company slogan! “Umbrella Sky” is our star project.

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