Platinum Winner 2022 – XP Zero - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

XP Zero

Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Hugo Eccles


Untitled Motorcycles

Design Team:

Hugo Eccles, Design Director


United States
The XP Zero is a new type of electric motorcycle, one that discards conventions and defies expectations. Developed without compromise and built with precision, the XP combines cutting-edge design with state-of-the-art technology, representing a new era of motorcycling. The XP doesn’t look like a conventional motorcycle because it isn’t a conventional motorcycle. The XP produces twice the torque of a combustion superbike, and can accelerate faster than a supercar. The XP’s power is delivered continuously and linearly without the need to change gears. The onboard ride computer provides user-customised profiles that tailor the XP’s performance to suit every level of rider ability, from novice to expert, while a state-of-the-art safety system keeps the XP planted by adjusting to every type of road and weather condition. The XP’s design consists of two main visual elements: an aluminium core comprising the batteries, motor, controller, and charger; and a steel spaceframe supporting the ‘floating’ aerodynamic panels. The XP is literally, and figuratively, a deconstructed motorcycle. The XP utilises aerospace industry production methods and technologies. The XP was almost entirely conceived and designed in 3D-CAD and the majority of its panels are CNC computer-machined. This ‘digital manufacturing’ approach allows an unprecedented level of both customisation and reproducibility for each rider, with individualised replacement parts available at the press of a button. Modern manufacturing for a modern era.

Untitled Motorcycles

We are on the cusp of one of the most consequential disruptions of transportation in history- and a unique opportunity to ‘reinvent’ the motorcycle. The XP rejects the constraints of an obsolete technology and incorporates the possibilities of a new and exciting future. Traditional motorcycle design has been driven by the physical limitations of the combustion engine. The XP reimagines the motorcycle by creating an entirely new design language that is unmistakably, and unapologetically, electric.

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