Silver Winner 2022 – House Rock - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

House Rock

Housing Single Family Architecture Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Caramel architekten


Caramel architekten

Design Team:

di barbara sabine bovelino di claudia rockstroh mag. arch. kolja janiszewski di günther litzlbauer di martina hatzenbichler di maja nirmala salkic di soner ertim di irina feier di zsuzsanna orcsik di maria stauber di andreea bianca cebuc di sabine aberle di juliane seidl di emil dworschak m.arch. patrick gerber di stefan förg m.arch. caterina revedin mag. arch. nicole david-rees m.arch. sarita mulabdić m.arch. marlene müller m.arch. simon schöman di marcelina pilarczyk di dominik sellitsch laurent perfler florian dessl lukas pleischl azat tauyekel may nasar valentina hölzl


Hertha Hurnaus


Above the city, nestled in the southern sunny vineyards of Vienna sits the newest Caramel project – House Rock. On one hand, it rises like an eagle’s nest from the allotment neighborhood, allowing its residents possibly one of the best views from their bathtub into the surrounding hills of the Vienna Woods. On the other hand, House Rock blends into the hillside, its street-side closure contrasting with the extroversion of the tower-like lookout and the almost complete opening towards the west-facing terrace and pool. Caramel’s snow-white Corian facade at House Rock contrasts with the surrounding allotment houses, some of which are cheerfully colorful, in a winking manner. At the same time, the smooth, white acrylic stone acts as a projection surface for the shadow play of the surrounding trees. The client’s wish for high-quality materials was met discreetly and unpretentiously. Cast and polished Danube pebble terrazzo on the first floor and in the bathroom, white Corian on the facade, real wood oak planks and an opening glass facade 12 meters long make House Rock a real luxury piece. House Rock is one of their few, as Caramel likes to call it with a smile, “red carpet” buildings, they occasionally build. Sometimes it just has to be a little more – without showing off.

Caramel architekten

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