Gold Winner 2022 – Killarney house - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Killarney house

House Design Architecture Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Tony McGrath B.S Architecture


TMG Designs

Design Team:

Tony McGrath – Architect Gabrijela Dragnic – Architect


Tony McGrath


The L-shaped house layout is a response to the orientation of the site in order to maximise natural light to the interior of the main living annex and to focus on both internal and external spaces as well as the stunning mountain view from this elevated site. The traditional building forms from two main blocks which are complimented by using modern detailing as well as variety of materials and colours to create a sharp, contemporary aesthetic for this home. This 4-bedroom 300sq.m house near Killarney town was conceived as a home and garden in the country. The clients were looking for a house that was single storey with high ceilings and two-story element with balcony looking onto views of Killarney mountains. The L-plan is made of two elements: one with the kitchen /dinning and sitting room with high ceilings that maximizes light and views, and the other one with the main entrance at the heart of the house. Kitchen, dining and sitting room are designed to be as open and free flowing as possible with hidden doors and long views criss-crossing the plan. Two sets of sliding windows can be opened to create a large inside/outside entertaining space across the centre of the house. Changing roof and ceiling heights introduce variety and surprise while the house gently steps down across the landscape. Additionally the plan brings visitors into the heart of the house at the front door and the fully glazed link hall that draws you through the building into the landscape as you enter. The general aesthetic is pared back as simple rural vernacular, so the quiet natural palette of materials like granite and oak are chosen to highlight the garden and age gently. However, areas of zinc cladding have been introduced to create visual interest. The design employs single-storey elements to enclose external space adjacent to the two-storey main volume of the dwelling. Also, the proposal was devised to maximise passive solar gain by maximising glazing on south rear elevation. This glazing is overhung by roofs to minimize overheating during the summer season. Currently the house is being under construction and scheduled to be completed by Christmas 2022.

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