Gold Winner 2022 – Wuhan Qingshanfang Demonstration Zone Nightscape Design - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Wuhan Qingshanfang Demonstration Zone Nightscape Design

Lighting Design Concept
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Liu Xiang、HongYu Deng、TaoXiang Zhang、LiuYun Xu


Alex Xu & Partners International Design Consultant Co.,Ltd

Design Team:

Alex Xu、 XiaoJuan Dai、 Liu Xiang、HongYu Deng、TaoXiang Zhang、LiuYun Xu


Liu Xiang


The project is located in the Qingshan District of Wuhan, the right bank of the main axis of the Yangtze River, relying on the green hills and red houses and riverside environment. This case is the first demonstration area, north of the Yangtze River Qingshan River Beach Park, south of Wuhan Iron and Steel Hongfang Historical Landscape Conservation Area, the future is expected to become a livable cultural community of Qingshan Riverside business section. This project takes the “Spirit of Red WISCO” culture as the theme.Through the red brick house with the red steel structure as the crown, it reflects The Times style of WISCO and creates nostalgia. Exhibitions focusing on the renovation process of old buildings, the bookstore Zhongshuge which is popular on Internet , the retro cafe “Youxin” and the “Future Imagination” community, these art areas not only allow people to travel through the past, compare the present, and imagine the future, but also make the sales center a good place for leisure and entertainment and clock in. The selection of lamps is based on high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Adhere to green lighting, lamps in the lighting as far as possible to reduce or eliminate glare, in the selection of lamps , fully consider the projection Angle of lamps and lanterns, projection range, reasonable control of the installation height of lamps and lanterns, so that people both on the ground and in the building are comfortable.

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