Gold Winner 2022 – FLUID RESIDENCE BY LECOC - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022


Residential Interior Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Alicia Medrano and Fernando Pedrosa






A HEALTHIER HOUSING PHILOSOPHY: HOW TO CREATE A HOUSE THAT TAKES CARE OF US. Our work philosophy is focused on undertaking projects that integrate a healthier, more flexible, and shared housing philosophy. It is a matter of us designing architectural solutions responsibly, with benchmarks that focus on the user’s wellbeing, to optimize that comfort by using resources most logically and optimally. We comprehend that there are many paths to living, so we are resolute to be flexible. So that each user can adapt the space to their needs is achieved through a logical distribution, where the hierarchies of use are dismantled to create “open spaces.” IN THE DIGITAL ERA, WE HAVE FLUID LIVES AND NEED ELASTIC SPACES. For decades, it’s all been the same. Dull, dysfunctional, cramped houses where persons could not interact with each other. Isolated boxes and isolated rooms have made isolated, depressed and individualistic societies. Children play in their rooms, and the aged spend their days unattended in front of the TV. We can’t play sports, and some of us lack sunlight and contact with nature; our coexistence is conditioned by the utility that each room assigns us. Whenever we need to “experience life,” it becomes imperative for us to escape from what is supposed to be our home. ESSENTIAL ARCHITECTURE WHICH APPEALS TO THE SENSES. We propose an essential approach in the project, an honest and essential architecture, understandable, but at the same time daring, because it does not play with ornaments or superfluous elements, but presents its work in its essence, naked, being exposed. We thus return to the values of an architecture that is sincere because it is true, because it transmits the deepest part of the essence of man. That is why -inspired by nature, its light, the nuances of its materiality- we rescue the depth of its meaning and turn it into essential architecture, which appeals to the senses. OPENING THE MINDS TO NEW WAYS OF LIVING. A room can be used for sleeping or exercising, but it can also be an office, a study, a music room, or a living room. In this case, users play with various behaviors that fluctuate more freely and openly without being limited in expressing their personalities. Our way of understanding the project presents each individual with the power to open the limit of the home to other spaces. Architectural design is crucial to creating synergies where the inhabitants of the same house share responsibility. If we foster sociability, we will reinforce the health of those who inhabit them.


Lecoc Arquitectura is an international architecture studio based in Valencia, Spain. The architecture and design studio works both public and private projects, with a keen interest in the fields of health and housing buildings. Our architecture is at the service of people. The efforts are focused on combining ecological, economic and social sustainability. We pursue the essence of architecture, and we are inspired by nature, beauty and light. The designed spaces are capable of generate atmospheres that appeal to the senses, being areas where to breathe essence, order, proportion and serenity.

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