Gold Winner 2022 – Interior Elements Design Built – Tempus - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022


Interior Elements Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Ben Rousseau


Rousseau Design Ltd

Design Team:

Ben Rousseau


Photography by Mitch Payne


United Kingdom
Tempus started out as an idea to create one item that could work as a tool to introduce new clients to the beauty and quality of the lighting creations of artist and designer Ben Rousseau, that perfectly defined his ethos and passion since setting up his studio Rousseau Design, back in 2001. The personal brief was to create a singular piece that demonstrated his love of uniform repeating geometries, had an aura of something ready to shape the future, yet have the functionality required for everyday modern life. Using sustainable as possible locally sourced materials, and the precision machines that have defined his work, it needed to bring together the technology and beauty behind digitally controlled lighting with a selection of cutting edge materials that compliment current environments. Tempus was born.

Rousseau Design Ltd

To create a time piece ready to change the future of how we view time. Without numbers or hands, Tempus beautifully presents the time across 12 hours in real time, using a building pattern of light. A signature set of perimeters was developed, using 132 channels of illuminating segments over three hypnotic, uniform arrangements. 12 segments for the hours, 60 segments for the minutes and 60 segments for the seconds. Designed to appreciate time in a new light.

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