Silver Winner 2022 – LUXIA - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022


Communication Design
Brand Identity
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Kim Sunghoon




Kim Sunghoon


Republic Of Korea
We designed the brand of LUXIA, the bold creator of Korean luxury residential culture. Light reminds us of the source of life that transcends everything. Light drives out the darkness, lengthens the day, gives warmth, and makes fun attractions. LUXIA takes notice of the potential of the place and quickly reads the changes of the times to present an intelligent lifestyle for the noble few with sophisticated, high-end tastes. A high light leading the high-end residential culture of Korea. The bold creator LUXIA. The symbol of Lucia compares the growing figure of Lucia to the ring of a tree to convey its meaning. The four lines that form the symbol and make up the night frame with the golden ratio of 1:1.618, each represent an insight into the location, the composition of an interesting and original space, the beautiful perfection of the details, and the design of a three-dimensional and differentiated experience.


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