Silver Winner 2022 – 87MM ILSANG FONT FAMILY - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022


Communication Design
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Kim Sunghoon



Design Team:

Creative Director: Kim Sunghoon Font Design: Ku Moa


Republic Of Korea
We designed two fonts, 87MM ILSANG Regular and 87MM ILSANG Oblique, by reinterpreting fonts, an important means of expression that we use every day, with wit held by 87MM. Ordinary days that repeat every day gather to create a daily life. However, even if he repeat the same pattern, We wanted to create a font where we could discover new meanings and fun in ordinary things in our daily life and feel the specialty of something a little different. 87MM ILSANG Regular interpreted the numbers 8 and 7 as font ratios and angles to design the font space with a space 8:7 ratio and used this ratio to adjust the font size. The 8° and 7° angles were used as morphological elements such as a stem and a conclusion to harmonize the characteristics of handwriting that appear when writing sideways. We wanted to make 87MM feel unique by designing letters that are readable and compatible in various environments. 87MM ILSANG Oblique is an inclined font for the body that harmonizes the characteristics of handwriting. It is the first Korean font designed in an italic style, not artificially inclined. The 87MM ILSANG Oblique was designed with an 8° tilt.


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