Gold Winner 2022 – Capra – VF Backpack - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Capra - VF Backpack

Sports Outdoor Activities Design Concept
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Amit Naor


Amit Naor – Industrial Designer

Design Team:

Galina Arbeli – Mentor


Photographer, Ayelet Rosenberg, 2020 Music, epidemicsound 2020. Photographer Ohad Oron, Adapt Animation, 2020. Drone Photographer Barak Ben Avraham, Gazebo, 2020.


Capra combines a backpack with safety equipment for a hiker in Via Ferrata routes. These routes invite people for a mountaineering experience of hiking and secure climbing integrated into breathtaking paths. While mountaineering the Alps, you would be amazed to discover that many hikers relinquish their safety on Via Ferrata routes due to the cumbersomeness and the time required to extract the equipment from the backpack and wear it. Austrian research discovered that within ten years, over 90% of casualties in Via Ferrata routes were not secured! This piece of information was a guiding light for the Capra project. The idea is to merge the harness, helmet, and energy absorbent into the backpack, thus allowing the traveler a quick and comfortable transition from walking mode to secure mode. All this, within less than a minute, without removing the backpack or even bending down.

Amit Naor - Industrial Designer

Amit Naor (1992) Industrial Designer. Originally from Nordia, he now lives in Tel Aviv. In Amit’s work, user experience is the foundation of his designs, from the simplicity of operation, through ergonomics, to the comfort of the user. His work focuses on the connection between man and nature. His designs revolve around travel gear on the one hand and, on the other hand, the materials nature has to offer and their qualities. Amit takes into deep consideration cultural connections, technology, and processes. He strives for added value in his concepts.

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