Gold Winner 2022 – Nowa Manufaktura - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Nowa Manufaktura

Residential Architecture Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Artur Szczepaniak, Paweł Szczepaniak


AP Szczepaniak

Design Team:

AP Szczepaniak team


AP.Szczepaniak Sp. z o.o. Sp. Komandytowa


Design Brief – ADCA2201057 Nowa Manufaktura residential development is situated in Wrocław, Poland, at the intersection of Kościuszki and Pułaskiego street, just 2km from the city centre. Despite perfect location, the site was in complete disorder with existing dilapidating utility buildings, warehouses and garages. In order to create a valuable space for future residents, revitalization of the whole area was required allowing closure for the discontinued square frontage necessary to fill in the gap left in the urban fabric. The client main design requirements included a creation of a new residential complex with majority of small apartments dedicated for young professionals and maximisation of residential and commercial area providing optimal comfort for all users with regard to the neighbouring buildings and proper functional separation. The final design, accepted by the client, combined urban planning with best interest of developer and future residents. Mix of proposed shapes created interesting composition and allowed to revive and revitalize this part of the city. Urban planning included clear definition of a public, a semi-public and a private space. The final development incorporated 315 apartments ranging from 25 to 70sq.m, 2 commercial units accessible form the entrance square, 260 car park spaces in the underground parking, split over two levels. In order to accelerate the construction works on the complex and allow more environmental friendly approach, the client decided to abandon traditional construction methods and choose to introduce the prefabrication instead. List of concrete elements that were prefabricated included: flights of stairs, lift shafts, balconies, floor slabs, load-bearing concrete walls and external walls. Nowa Manufaktura development was situated on the plot that at the turn of the 19th century was occupied by Beckmann Otto & Co. Automobil-Fabrik – the first car factory in Wrocław run by a visionary Paul Beckmann. Over 20 different car models were manufactured on the site, from a sports cars and limousines to commercial vehicles. The buildings belonging to the car factory unfortunately didn’t have a lot of the historical value and the master plan didn’t order to restore or rebuild them, but the heritage of the site itself influenced final design and was commemorated in the details used in the development. The name of the complex NOWA MANUFAKTURA was influenced by the history as well – meaning “the New Factory”. The character of the area was reflected in the building facade. The pattern similar to the tread of a tyre was introduced in order to honour the car industry history of the place. Different types of facade finishes have been selected in order to create the building that stands out as an example of the unique design. Colours used in the design – black, white and red refer to the palette of colours associated with automotive industry. The introduction of red undercuts and surfaces highlighted pedestrian walkways leading inside the complex. High standard of finishes for both interior and exterior of the building in order to create an outstanding design.

AP Szczepaniak

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